What is affiliate marketing and how can you be part of it?

Whoever has tried to start up a new business probably agrees that marketing is one of the crucial things in the process of running a successful business. Having in mind the importance of marketing, it is no wonder that there are numerous marketing strategies, tactics, and methods.

One type of marketing that has turned out to be quite effective in recent years is affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

In a nutshell, one business cooperates with various affiliates and the affiliates market the services or products of this business on their websites. The websites include affiliate links which contain tracking cookies that let you know if the customer who clicks on the link makes a purchase afterward. This is basically a win-win situation because the affiliates get a certain commission for each purchase and the business has a chance to reach more potential customers and, this way, increase their profit.  

Affiliate marketing in the gambling industry

To better understand the concept of affiliate marketing, let’s take a look at the gambling industry where affiliate marketing is particularly common because it has proved to be the most effective way to promote online casinos. Casino affiliates can be any websites that contain interesting information on various topics, such as casinos, gaming, betting, sports, and so on. They contribute to the business of an online casino by attracting more customers for which they receive commissions. Good casino affiliates provide useful and truthful information and they are gladly visited by players.     

Different types of affiliate marketing

There are three types of affiliate marketing that we should not forget to mention. Pay-Per-Sale means that the affiliate gets money when the customer buys something. Pay-Per-Click is a method in which the affiliate receives pay depending on the number of people who click on the affiliate link. Pay-Per-Lead refers to the type of affiliate marketing in which the affiliate gets paid after the customer signs up as a lead, that is, provides some information or fills out a form.

Why is affiliate marketing so popular?

Affiliate marketing is definitely innovative and profitable. It is quite popular because it gives a business an opportunity to be promoted on a lot of websites and reach more customers. It is suitable for small and large businesses and individuals as well.

Talking about large businesses that use affiliate marketing, Amazon is a good example. If you want to become an affiliate, Amazon is a great place to start because it already has a huge number of customers.

Furthermore, Youtubers can also become successful affiliates. They receive codes from businesses and when customers use those codes, the affiliates get a small commission. In fact, this has become quite a common practice among Youtubers nowadays.

Highest paying affiliate programs

If you don’t want to start as an Amazon or Youtube affiliate and you are aiming at bigger commissions, you can consider these affiliate programs.

Max Bounty is one of the best affiliate networks but it is quite hard to join. Apart from filling out an application form, you need to have an interview. However, if you get accepted, you can earn a lot.

Regal Assets is a precious metals investment site. It offers 3% affiliate commission and considering the level of investment in precious metals, it certainly pays off to be their affiliate.