Three Ways Technology Advancement is Affecting our Lives

We have developed and invented many technological gadgets in order to improve our daily lives and make them easier such as, for example, booking a weekend off with the help of and resort reviews. For that reason, it is not strange that the development of technology has affected our lives in many ways, both positive and negative. In the following article, I will try to show you three ways technology advancement has affected our lives, communication, lifestyle, and health industry.


The technology advancement has created many new devices we can use for communication. Today, we have phones and mobile phones, the Internet, various social media, video conferencing tools, and other tools we can use to communicate. In this way, we can stay in touch with friends and family living all over the world. This is not only beneficial for personal relationships but also it is useful in education and business. We can listen to lectures all over the world and we can access information easily with just one click. In addition, easy access to information and easy transfer of information helps business people make connections, transactions and business plans fastly. However, there are negative impacts as well. Important information is constantly online, and hackers can reach it. Furthermore, the advancement of technology in communication has had a negative impact on people’s lives as well. Unfortunately, social media communication and Internet communication, in general, has damaged people’s social skills.


The lifestyle of people has been affected the most by technology. People have smartphones and other devices which make their lives easier. Today, we do not have to remember the dates of our friends’ birthdays, we have Google calendar, Siri, Google assistant, Facebook, and many other social networks and smart assistants to do that for us. we do not have to get together to go to the cinema to watch a movie. We can watch a movie online where ever we are. In addition, we can listen to lectures, and get educated via Skype or other platforms. The information all over the world is posted online and we can find it on Google. We can send and receive new information easily. However, technology has accelerated our lives as well and made it public. We post our pictures online, our location is posted online, our private lives are online. We live faster and our fast life is posted online. In other words, while our lives are made easier by technology advancement, their privacy was jeopardized.


The huge improvements in the health industry are caused by the advancement in technology. Modern technology is implemented in hospitals which has facilitated the health care system and reduced the possible mistakes that could happen by doctors and medical staff. In addition, there are many health phone and desktop apps that can help you track your health on a daily basis. Finally, everything is posted online. Nowadays, you can find a cure for your illness online, or you can find a doctor or a hospital which treats your illness in the best manner. However, this has a negative side as well. Many people are using the Internet to diagnose themselves. Unfortunately, there are people who post pseudo-medical solutions and people who sell unchecked medicines which can harm people.

While there are many benefits of technology, there are things which can harm people as well. However, it is important to find a balance and try to make the best out of it.