Three Most Usable CMS Systems Today

CMS Systems are very important today because they are used to create and manage digital content. These systems are very important in enterprise content management and web content management as well. Some CMS systems are free while in order to get some you need to pay a certain amount of money. Anyhow, nowadays CMS systems are very popular and many people, organizations and companies use them. For that reason, I will present to you the three most usable CMS Systems today.


Maybe the most popular CMS System of them all is WordPress. It is a system which can be used both by beginners and by professionals. People use WordPress for creating various types of websites, from simple blogs to business websites. It is very easy to use for many reasons. Firstly, it does not require you to download files in order to update the system. The system is automatically updated. In addition, you do not have to ask for help in order to install it, the system offers excellent guidance for installation. Furthermore, it has a simple and straightforward theming language and has the widest base of themes you can choose from. It is a user-friendly system which helps you create sophisticated and excellent websites. Finally, what makes WordPress even more amazing is its friendly community. People who use WordPress are eager to help with using the system. For that reason, and for all the other reasons mentioned above, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS Systems we have today.


Joomla is one of the most popular CMS systems today because it has very advanced functionality. Joomla is very well designed, it has an attractive interface, it has drop-down menus, and it hosts 3,200 extensions. However, unlike WordPress where everything is free, the themes of Joomla are not always free and you have to pay some money in order to use them. In addition, the code base of Joomla is much more sophisticated than that of WordPress. People love Joomla because it has native front-end content editing and integration of different languages. This is very useful because the website gets a bigger audience from all over the world. The functionality of Joomla and the fact that it is user-friendly is what makes this CMS system so good and popular.


Drupal is another very useful CMS System which has similarities with both Joomla and WordPress. Once you install it you get 30,000 optional extendable modules which add features such as forums, blogs, profiles and other and give you more than 2000 themes. Every day, members of Drupal discuss to make the system better and to lift it to the next level. In addition, if you have a problem, you can always just check your community. This is a feature WordPress shares with Drupal. There are similarities with Joomla as well. Both Joomla and Drupal are complete and pure systems. Drupal has the Taxonomy module and has many themes which can be customized.