Online payments are convenient, but how to make them?

Most people would agree that waiting at a counter to make a payment is a waste of time. Fortunately, making payments has become much more convenient thanks to online payment systems. These don’t just include credit and debit cards, but also bank transfers, electronic wallets, smart cards, or bitcoin wallets. Here are some of the systems you should take into consideration.


This online payment system is the oldest one, in operation since 1996. To help you create and manage your account, the system provides free support from professionals and it also offers a lot of tutorials and training materials that can help you use the full potential of this system.


PayPal is most likely one of the best known online payment systems. It enables you to make payments with a credit card or directly to another user’s PayPal account. Another advantage of PayPal is that it enables you to send money, which not a lot of payment platforms provide.

Google Wallet

This online payment system allows you to pay for goods and services through an account connected to your Google profile. Having in mind that millions of people use Google for various services, Google Wallet makes making a payment a very simple process. What’s more, you can add credit and debit cards to your account, as well as loyalty cards, or gift cards.

Amazon Payments

If you have an Amazon account, you can use Amazon Payments to make online payments. This system can be used both by sellers and buyers and it guarantees the security of your transactions. Furthermore, there are no additional fees for transactions.


Dwolla is a great online payment system for those people who deal with a lot of bank transfers. This system focuses on bank transfers or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, and it allows its users to create customized payment solutions which make sure that payments are received within a day.


Braintree is a unique online payment system because it contains four separate modules. Braintree Direct is designed for merchants and donation collectors, Braintree Marketplace is suitable for businesses that want to process payments more efficiently, Braintree Auth is intended for providers that want to connect with merchants, and Contextual Commerce is created for modern businesses that want to build partnerships and improve their revenue opportunities.


Another great online payment system is WePay. This system enables internet retailers to accept credit card and bank account payments online. It is well known for its great fraud protection system.

To sum up, the choice of online payment systems is definitely wide, so there is no longer a need to waste your time by waiting in lines.