Can You Make Money by Playing Games?

It sounds like a dream job, not to mention a good comeback to parents that would ask you, time and again, whether you expect to earn money by playing video games. Why does it sound so good? Well, essentially, you get to do what you love and get paid for it. However, apart from a small percentage of gamers all over the world, can you really make money from games?

Playing Professionally

One of the options is to play games professionally and become an e-athlete. The trouble is that the market is more than competitive. Who wouldn’t want a shot at making money by becoming a famous League of Legends player? The only way to get ahead is to play online and climb the ladder, hoping to get noticed. You can even approach professional teams and see if they’d have you. However, you need to be good enough for them to see that you can become an asset. You know, like athletes usually do.

MOBA games, strategy games, and fighting games are the usual way to go about his. Nowadays, there are even academies that teach you to play games. You are on your own until you get a sponsor, by the way, and then you need to follow a code of conduct and spend a certain amount of time training. This sometimes turns people away.

Recording and Streaming

Some people are not good enough to be professionals and they turn to streaming and recording. Pros sometimes choose this option as well to either promote their brand or have fun. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch are the most popular ways to go, though YouTube has been criticized for not giving gamers enough attention and revenue in addition to being more than happy to promote other videos.

Most streamers use other streaming platforms that are focused only on gaming and sporting events. Here, you don’t have to be amazing as a player, you just need to be entertaining enough for people to send donations. There is a downside, however. Streamers are expected to display their gratitude to donors that pay to watch them play games. These donors are sometimes trolls that use colorful language for their names.  It is not uncommon for a gamer to get into a lot of trouble online for getting tricked into saying a slur while streaming.

Should You Get Into It?

By all accounts, if you can handle the challenge. If you believe you have what it takes in terms of skills, entertainment, walkthroughs, or journalism, playing video games for a living could be something you could make money off of. However, it is a long-term investment (think several years) before you get to see the fruits of your labor. It is also competitive.