The Use of Technology in Casinos

Technology has become very important in almost every aspect of our lives. The same goes for casino entertainment. The use of technology and new innovative devices have been extremely beneficial for the casino industry. The technology advancement has improved the games, the visual effects, the security of casinos, marketing, etc. In this article, I will present to you the most impressive casino technology trends to show you the benefits of technology in the casino industry.


When you watch a casino movie made ten or twenty years ago, you can see people who wear dark glasses, or fake hair and are successful in cheating in the casino. Unfortunately, this was not a movie fiction.

Back in the past, people committed frauds and were cheating just by wearing a hat, for example.

Nowadays, this is not possible. Casinos have cameras with eye-in-the-sky technology which can do facial recognition. They can recognize people’s faces accurately from a far distance. In this way, cheaters are easily recognized in the crowd and are escorted out of the casino.

This is very useful for casinos and their clients because cheaters cost casinos and their clients a lot of money. It is an amazing and impressive technology and I do not recommend you to try to trick it, because you will not make it to the entrance hall.


The advancement of technology has made it possible for people to gamble and play casino games wherever they are. With online gambling, you do not have to visit a casino, you can just turn on your smartphone or computer device and start gambling. Online casino platforms offer many interesting games and full casino experience with just one click on the net. In addition, online casinos often offer great bonuses and special incentives for people who play games. Usually, you get a welcome bonus when you first make a deposit. Furthermore, if you get loyalty points, you get more benefits. And these are just some perks you get when you play games in an online casino. With online gambling, casinos have started earning a lot of money and have gained popularity. They have become more accessible and more interesting!


The protection of money and information is very important in casinos. For that reason, casinos use encryption which is strong enough to enable the safe transport of information and funds. It is designed with a 128-bit-long key. In this way, hackers and password crackers need more time in order to break the key and enter the system. Of course, the encryption needs to be improved all the time because the hackers and crackers never stop trying to find a way to break into the system. However, the casinos and other gambling industries use the encryption tools used by the government which makes them safe. In this way, the money of the casinos and their clients is protected. If you love playing casinos games and you worry about losing your money by the hands of hackers, you do not have to worry, the chances for the hackers to break into the system are low!

Top 6 web development blogs

If you have ever wanted to have your own website, you have probably got acquainted with web development to a certain degree. Some people prefer to hire a professional web developer to make their website, while others prefer to learn about web development and make their own website themselves.

However, web development is surely far from easy if you don’t know much about it. There are numerous ways to get familiar with web development and one of the best ways especially for beginners are blogs. Of course, blogs can be an excellent source of information for more advanced web developers, too. You should check out a number of blogs before you can choose the one that suits your current needs best. Here are some recommendations for web development blogs.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is one of the leading blogs for all web designers and developers. This means that this blog contains a lot of useful information on a range of topics, such as coding, web development and design, WordPress design, and many more. This blog is an excellent place to start with getting informed about everything related to web development.

Webdesigner Depot

This is another well-known blog that offers numerous articles on a lot of topics regarding web development. From time to time, this blog also offers web and graphic design freebies which are great for those people who are still not sure whether they really want to engage with web development and invest some money in it.


SitePoint is actually a website that contains a lot of information on topics such as CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Design & UX, HTML, WordPress, and so on. It also publishes books and offers courses for web developers. The website also has a blog, which is an excellent choice to get informed about web development.


This is another great blog on web design and development. What is great about this blog is that it contains a lot of helpful tutorials and interesting articles on all of the latest trends and techniques related to web development and design. In addition, Codrops regularly shares working demos and posts code snippets. Not only are these snippets useful for beginners, but also for more experienced developers who like to keep up with new trends.

A List Apart

A List Apart is actually a webzine that focuses primarily on web standards, but it also deals with the best web development and design practices. The webzine also includes a blog where you can find a lot of articles on a range of topics, such as responsive design, brand identity, layouts. The choice of topics is so wide that you must not miss on the opportunity to visit this blog and check it out yourself.


This is another webzine that you should consider reading if you are interested in web design. It offers articles, guides, and tutorials regarding graphic design, mobiles applications, advertising and many more. The webzine’s blog is a great place to find fresh ideas and helpful insights into web design and development.

To wrap up, web development is not easy, especially at the beginning, but it is sure that everyone can learn a lot about it if they do some research and a great place to start gathering information are surely blogs.

Do you want a VR set? You can make it yourself!

One of the most exciting achievements in the field of technology is surely virtual reality (VR). Virtual reality is created by using devices that stimulate our senses and produce a virtual environment that people can interact with.

Usually, most recent technological developments are a bit pricey, as is the case for VR sets. However, if you cannot afford to buy a VR set just now, there is a possibility of creating your own VR set with some simple materials that you can find at home or in a local store. The things that you need to make your own VR set include a 2l plastic bottle, hot glue, cardboard, water, and some foam.

Step 1

First, you need to cut off some parts of the plastic bottle. What you need is just the curved part of the bottle which is connected to the cap because it is perfectly curved to make the lenses for your VR set. You can use a marker or a pen to draw 4 circles and a pair of scissors to cut them out.

Step 2

Next, you need to glue the plastic circles together and make two pairs of biconvex lenses. Hot glue is the best way to do this. Then, you should make a little hole in the lenses so that you can pour some water between the two parts of a pair. You can use a syringe to fill the lenses with water. After that, you should fill the hole with hot glue, making sure that no water can get out of the lenses. If your lenses are leaking, you must fix that immediately by filling the crack with a little more hot glue and wait until the lenses are completely dry. You should test your lenses by checking their magnifying power. You can simply take a piece of writing and look at it through the lenses.

Step 3

Now that you have the lenses for your VR set, you need to make a cardboard VR headset. You can download templates from the internet if that is easier for you, but you don’t have to do that, since this step is quite simple, too. You should make a cardboard box slightly bigger than your phone. The box should be 5cm wide since that is the best distance between your phone and the lenses. Then you should make a rectangular hole on one side of the box to fit the screen of your phone and two circles on the opposite side to fit the lenses. You should glue the lenses to the cardboard box to finish this step.

Step 4

Lastly, you need to take some foam to make a mask that fits your face. It should be comfortable to wear as this is necessary for a proper VR experience. You should glue the mask to the cardboard headset and then you are ready to use your VR set. Get a mobile app and try out your VR set!

Do you want to become a web developer? Here is something you should know

Web development has become a very popular career choice in recent years. It is definitely a vast field, meaning that it offers a lot of possibilities for work, progress, and innovations. What’s more, it is expected that this field will continue growing in the future and that it will take a lot of time before it becomes saturated.

What do web developers do?

As the name indicates, web development refers to developing websites and webpages. Web developers are in charge of managing website functionality and making security measures work properly. Furthermore, web developers make sure that all application features function as expected.

Apart from excellent programming skills, web developers need good project-managing skills and creativity as they have to consider both the appearance and functionality of websites.

Different types of web developers

Another important thing about pursuing a career in the field of web development is the fact that there are different kinds of web developers: front-end and back-end web developers, and full-stack developers.

Front-end web developers work on the interface, or, in other words, what the user sees and interacts with. They make sure that the website looks neat and well-organized.

Back-end web developers create the core of the website using various kinds of programming languages. The core is connected to the interface, that is, the part of the website that is created by front-end developers. Back-end developers are primarily concerned with the functionality of the website.

Those developers who are good at both front-end and back-end web development are called full-stack developers.

How can you become a web developer?

Firstly, as of late, you don’t really need to have a diploma or a degree in computer science to get a job as a web developer. What you need includes talent and hard work. Web developers face harsh competition so their talent can help them stand out. However, without investing time, effort, and sometimes money, you cannot become a good web developer. As for any other job, motivation and willingness are crucial to achieving success.

You should start off with the basics of web development and watch beginner tutorials or read books for novices. You should practice as much as you can because practice is necessary if you want to move to the next level and obtain more skills. As has already been mentioned, web development is a wide field and it offers many possibilities to specialize in different areas or programming languages. You should try out various aspects of web development to find what suits you best and what your strengths and weaknesses are.

You should also keep in mind that this field is constantly growing and changing, meaning that you should keep up with new trends and innovations. If you aren’t willing to keep learning throughout your whole career, maybe you should reconsider whether you want to be a web developer. It is certainly not easy to become a great web developer, but it is definitely a career worth pursuing.    

Will e-sports continue to grow?

There is a growing debate on whether playing video games can be considered as playing sports. If playing sports can be defined as physical movement on a field or competitive play, playing video games can be regarded as playing sports in the latter sense.

Regardless of how the debate closes, one thing is sure and that is that e-sports are on the rise. What’s more, e-sports are expected to continue growing in the years to come.

A look into the future of e-sports

When we think about gaming, the first thing that comes to mind is a person behind a large computer screen playing a game. However, it is believed that e-sports will continue progressing in the form of mobile gaming.

As technology keeps progressing, so do these devices that we use every day. Therefore, it isn’t unreasonable to think that e-sports will find their new home on a smaller screen. The greatest advantage of mobile phones, tablets, and other portable devices is that they can be easily carried around and used for competing from wherever you are.

On the other hand, due to the small screen size, many people doubt that mobile gaming is the future of e-sports. They state that you cannot experience the real enjoyment of playing e-sports unless you play them on a big screen.

E-sports are entering the academic scene

A very interesting fact that illustrates how much the popularity of e-sports has been increasing is that a couple of universities offer scholarships for e-sports teams. It is expected that this trend will keep increasing in the future.

Robert Morris University of Illinois is the first one to include a scholarship-sponsored League of Legends team. The members of the team are not much different from traditional athletes attending this university, as one might expect. In fact, e-sports players are scouted and selected in a similar way as other athletes. Similar to Robert Morris University of Illinois is the University of California Irvine which has 10 scholarships ready for students interested in becoming a member of their college League of Legends team.

What’s more, some smaller colleges have been considering offering e-sports-related courses. One of these colleges is Boston’s Emerson College. Their current plan is to offer a course in e-sports and provide a minor degree to all the successful attendees of the course.  

It is important to point out that not only US universities are interested in e-sports, but also many universities all around the world. For instance, Staffordshire University located in the UK offers an honors degree in e-sports with a focus on the business aspect of e-sports platforms.

Final word

We can conclude that the future of e-sports looks very bright at the moment. No matter whether e-sports will be played predominantly on mobile or computer screens or whether they will become part of formal education, it is sure that we can expect a lot of excitement when it comes to the growth of e-sports in the coming years.    

Four Most Interesting Tech Gadgets and Products in 2019

The technology is advancing at a great speed, and new interesting devices are coming every day. These devices make our lives easier and more interesting. If you are not familiar with 2019 most interesting tech gadgets, keep reading the article, because four most interesting tech gadgets and products in 2019 will be presented.


The new 4K HDR Smart LG TV is ready for the market and it brings amazing innovations. It is available in 65 inches and it rolls away just like a simple poster. This means that the television does not have to be in the center place of the room. You can roll it away when you do not use it anymore. It is a disappearing OLED TV. It is just a small piece of furniture. When you use it, you stretch it to a 65-inch screen, and when you do not use it, you roll it into a box. What makes this TV more impressive is that it will have Dolby Atmos sound system, Google Assistant and Alexa. You will have access to the weather forecast, to the latest news, photos, videos, and many other interesting data. It is a revolution in television devices that will start a new era in television.


2019 brings the first ever quantum computer. Even though it does not belong to gadgets, it is a device worth mentioning. IBM Q System One offers a new perspective on computers with is a quantum computer. It is a fully integrated quantum computer and it can be used both in the field of science and for everyday use. This device uses qubits and it is much faster than any other computing device that exists now. The device represents a revolution in computing. Many things we could not imagine doing with a computer will now be done. Although the company which designed it has not yet posted a price, I imagine that it will cost a lot. However, it is worth every penny!


A Chinese company, Nreal, has launched a pair of glasses which resemble the normal sunglasses we use every day. However, these glasses are much more interesting. These are mixed reality glasses which overlay the real world that surrounds you with virtual content. These glasses give you an amazing experience in the virtual world. They have voice control and a widescreen display and they have a great sound system. You do not have to wear a headset, you just put on your glasses and you have everything there. Nreal Light Mixed Reality Glasses are a great step into mixed reality, and I recommend you to try it on.


Those who love cooking and kitchen appliances will love the new KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect. This is a product that does it all. It stirs the vegetables, it chops the ingredients, steams food, and does many more things to help you in the kitchen.

In addition, it has 100 recipes for beginners with step-by-step instructions. For those who love to have pretty kitchen appliances, you do not have to worry because this Cook Processor Connect is well designed. Although it will cost around 1000 dollars, I recommend you to try it on and see for yourself how good it is.  

I hope that these four new tech products and gadgets will make your life easier and more interesting once you try them on!

Four Best Computers for Gaming in 2019

Computer games have become extremely popular. Nowadays, gaming is considered to be one of the most popular hobbies. People who love games try to find the perfect computer for their gaming needs. They try to find a computer with a good processor, good speed, good graphics, etc. In order to help you make the right choice, in the following article, I will present to you four best computers for gaming in 2019.


The main features of Corsair One i160 are its Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics and 32GB DDR4-2666 RAM. In addition, Corsair One i160 can store up to 960GB and it is compact and silent. Its outstanding performance is what makes it the highest rated prebuilt gaming computer. Corsair One i160 has updated hardware and remodeled internal layout. It is a much better version suitable for amazing new games. It does not take a lot of your space and it does not make any noise. The graphics are amazing and you will not get stressed each time you want to play a game with great graphics. So, if you are into computers for gaming, try Corsair One i160 and see how good it is.


With Intel Core i5 OR i7 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, Alienware Aurora R7 represents the second best computer for gaming in my opinion. Alienware Aurora R7 has 8GB to 64GB RAM and it can save up to 1TB of information. It is a device which makes computer gaming fun and smooth. It is a PC which is easy to upgrade. This is very important because you stay up to date, and you can always improve your device.

Finally, this is a device which looks extremely good. If you are in esthetics and gaming, this is the perfect choice for you.


This gaming PC has Intel Core i7-8700 processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics. Its RAM is 16GB and it can store up to 256GB. These features make it one of the best computers for gaming. It consists of powerful components and it is an amazing computer for gaming. Its components belong to the computers of the next generation which means that your gaming experience will be amazing. What makes HP Omen Obelisk impressive is that HP Omen Obelisk is not expensive at all. Even though it has amazing graphics and processor, it costs under 2000 dollars. Finally, for those who travel a lot, Obelisk is a great choice because it can fit into small spaces and it is easier to transfer.


Acer Aspire Gaming Desktop GX-281-UR18 is a very affordable and easily upgradable gaming PC. It has great graphics with Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 and it is very fast because it has RAM 16GB DDR4. In addition, it can store up to 1TB of data. Its processor is AMD Ryzen 7 1700 which makes it a solid gaming computer for all of you who want to buy a gaming computer that is not expensive. Since it is not very expensive, you can not expect this computer to have a built-in SSD. However, you can easily upgrade it for a small amount of money, and make it work better. The Acer Aspire Gaming Desktop GX-281-UR18 is designed to make it stand out. It has intense lighting effects and it is black and red. It is a nice and affordable computer for all of you who do not want to spend too much money on a gaming computer but want to have a good one for playing games.

How to prevent harmful effects of sedentary work

It is quite obvious that physical jobs put a lot of strain on the body and can lead to some health problems, but sedentary jobs are also hard on the body. Sitting at the computer for a long time puts a lot of pressure on certain parts of the body if your posture is not proper.

Many people who do sedentary work complain about neck and back pain, headaches and eye problems. Apart from physical problems, sedentary work can have harmful effects on mental health as well.

Therefore, if changing your job is not an option, you should take measures to prevent the possible negative consequences of sedentary work.

Go to the gym

Lack of physical activity during working time can be compensated for by going to the gym. Working out at the gym doesn’t mean only weight lifting or training for a particular sport. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can do a cardio workout or low intensity exercise and improve your overall fitness and health. Of course, you can lift weights, as that can help you make your back stronger and more able to withstand sedentary posture for a long time.

It is quite easy to find a suitable gym or a health club nowadays and working out for one hour three times a week can be enough to alleviate your problems and make your work more enjoyable.  

Long walks or running

If you are not a fan of going to the gym, you can simply go for a walk or go running for a while. It has been scientifically proven that long walks are not only good for your physical health but also for your mental health. Walking can help you take you mind off your problems at work or home, which helps you reduce stress. It’s not tiring at all and it is also one of the best ways to burn calories and to keep fit. Running, on the other hand, is very good if you want to take your fitness to another level and it is also proven that it clears your head and helps reduce stress.

Eat healthier food

Although it may be a bit difficult to always eat healthy food, the benefits of such a diet are definitely worth the effort. Your muscles and the whole body need proper nutrition to function optimally and be strong. The stronger the body, the less susceptible it is to the harmful effects of sedentary lifestyle.  

Have enough rest and sleep

Finally, after a long day at work, your body needs to rest and regenerate. Make sure that you don’t stay up late if not necessary and have between 7 and 9 hours of sleep.

Online payments are convenient, but how to make them?

Most people would agree that waiting at a counter to make a payment is a waste of time. Fortunately, making payments has become much more convenient thanks to online payment systems. These don’t just include credit and debit cards, but also bank transfers, electronic wallets, smart cards, or bitcoin wallets. Here are some of the systems you should take into consideration.


This online payment system is the oldest one, in operation since 1996. To help you create and manage your account, the system provides free support from professionals and it also offers a lot of tutorials and training materials that can help you use the full potential of this system.


PayPal is most likely one of the best known online payment systems. It enables you to make payments with a credit card or directly to another user’s PayPal account. Another advantage of PayPal is that it enables you to send money, which not a lot of payment platforms provide.

Google Wallet

This online payment system allows you to pay for goods and services through an account connected to your Google profile. Having in mind that millions of people use Google for various services, Google Wallet makes making a payment a very simple process. What’s more, you can add credit and debit cards to your account, as well as loyalty cards, or gift cards.

Amazon Payments

If you have an Amazon account, you can use Amazon Payments to make online payments. This system can be used both by sellers and buyers and it guarantees the security of your transactions. Furthermore, there are no additional fees for transactions.


Dwolla is a great online payment system for those people who deal with a lot of bank transfers. This system focuses on bank transfers or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, and it allows its users to create customized payment solutions which make sure that payments are received within a day.


Braintree is a unique online payment system because it contains four separate modules. Braintree Direct is designed for merchants and donation collectors, Braintree Marketplace is suitable for businesses that want to process payments more efficiently, Braintree Auth is intended for providers that want to connect with merchants, and Contextual Commerce is created for modern businesses that want to build partnerships and improve their revenue opportunities.


Another great online payment system is WePay. This system enables internet retailers to accept credit card and bank account payments online. It is well known for its great fraud protection system.

To sum up, the choice of online payment systems is definitely wide, so there is no longer a need to waste your time by waiting in lines.

The Biggest News from Google I/O 2019

Google I/O tries to improve its devices each year and to bring some new devices as well. Google 2019 has focused more on AI this year. 2019 brings new devices such as Pixel 3A, Nest Hub Max smart display, updates to the Google assistant, and many other devices and updated to the old devices. For those who want to stay in touch with the latest trends in Google, I will present to you the biggest news coming from Google I/O 2019.


Last year, there were many speculations about Pixel 3A and 3A XL. This year the Pixel 3A and 3A XL are on sale. The device comes with headphone jacks and advanced camera features. Pixel 3A offers Super Res Zoom, front-facing shooters, Night Sight, and other interesting camera features. In addition, you can store your pictures on Google with Google Photos storage. However, you can store it only in high quality and not in full resolution. The new devices come in black, white and purple color. And they can be found in more than 13 countries all over the world. The most important thing is that the price of the device is not high, it starts from 400 dollars. Those who are familiar with Pixel devices may wonder why the devices are so cheap. It is because this new Pixel 3A does not have premium features that the other devices have. For example. Pixel 3A misses out on waterproofing and wireless charging. For those who love Pixel, I recommend you to check it out!


The Nest Hub Max smart display is a device which is a combination of Nest camera, Google Home Hub and Home Max. This new device will cost 229 dollars, and it will offer a security camera, loudspeakers and more importantly a smart display. It is a device that has it all. When compared to Google Home Hub, it can be seen that the device has many advantages. One of the most important advantages is a built-in camera. This is a technologically advanced camera which offers facial recognition that happens locally. In other words, this camera does not transmit facial data over the web, which is very important for privacy.


Google assistant will become ten times faster than it is now. The speed of the new updated Google assistant will amaze you. In addition, it will get new voice commands which will appear in the navigation bar. In addition, it will possess a new Driving Mode along with Personal References which will show more contextual results. In addition, the new updated Google Assistant will have an option to stop the timer by just saying “stop”. In other words, if you set a timer on a smart display, you will not have to say “Hey Google” and then “Stop the timer.” Finally, Google Assistant will get newly updated and more interesting games in Waze. Overall, the updates will make the Google Assistant more interesting and useful.
These were the biggest news from Google I/O 2019 in my opinion.  However, if you are interested in Google I/O stay tuned because Google brings more innovations in 2019. Those who are Google fans and who like staying up to date should check it out because 2019 is a big year in Google!